Ukrainian army volunteer couple wed after fighting together at front

The pair met before Russia's invasion and have been living together at the front ever since

A Ukrainian army volunteer couple got married and also organised a festival to raise funds to help the Ukrainian military. Zoya has been a volunteer in the army since 2014, while Evhen has been fighting since the beginning of the war. The two met before Russia's full-scale invasion, and have been living together on the front ever since, reports Euronews Bulgaria.

Украйна търси алтернативен маршрут за транспорта на зърно

"A lot of relatives and friends were delayed, but they all came from the front and we were able to hold a wedding. The war will not leave us. Even after it we will still be with her, but today I just want to live a day as if nothing had happened. I don't know how to explain it, but we all need it. Just to be at peace, like in peacetime. This is a rehearsal before victory," said Zoe, a military volunteer.

Kholodniy Yar was the last territory where Ukrainians continued to fight for an independent Ukrainian state before Ukraine's incorporation into the Soviet Union. Zoya and Yevhen say that even during the war, they don't want to forget about the important moments in a person's life.

Зеленски обвини Москва в “умишлен обстрел“ по обекти, използвани в износа на зърно

"There were moments when I was a hair's breadth away from the bullets. Because of this, I realised that despite the war, the most important moments should not be missed," says Euchen, a military volunteer.

The couple also continued with their initiative to collect donations for military drones at the Unconquered Nation festival. There, spectators enjoyed performances by several well-known Ukrainian music groups.

Всичко за 49-ото Народно събрание четете ТУК

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