Alexey Lazarov on Darik: Prime Minister Denkov has the chance to become our Iron Lady

Bulgaria is stuck because some people pull it forward and others hold them back, said Alexei Lazarov

The discontent of miners and energy workers continues for another day. The Trakia highway and the Republic Pass remain blocked. Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov said that negotiations are not being conducted with megaphones and through the curtain wall. However, the coal plant workers insisted that the territorial plans of Stara Zagora, Kyustendil and Pernik, which were sent to the European Commission on Saturday, when the deadline was, be withdrawn and revised with their participation.

Another topic on the agenda is the election campaign for the local elections. 

These and other topics were commented in the programme "Who speaks" on Darik radio by Alexey Lazarov, editor-in-chief of "Capital"; Justine Toms, communications expert; Lyubomir Alamanov, communications expert, and Stoyana Georgieva, editor-in-chief of "Mediapul".

"Since Hekimian is the biggest critic of GERB and that is why he was nominated by them, I am obviously not a critic of GERB and they do not want to nominate me for anything. Apparently, I have to take some measures," Alamanov joked.

The campaign for local elections has started. We are seeing an intensification pa in terms of the government. What are your observations, how will the debate be conducted?

"I think the debate will become more acrimonious on both sides of the coalition, but that will not change the actual state of affairs. My prediction is that in the weeks after the election, coalitions similar to the national coalition will form at the local level in the municipal councils, especially the big cities. That's not the best news for people expecting any major change in those cities. There is something in common between these events. They are all a conflict between the past and the future. Bulgaria is stuck in one place because there is a small group of people who are trying to pull the country forward and a huge group of people who are holding them back and pulling them back," Lazarov said.

"So it is in the case of the miners. The situation with the protests is one to one identical with Britain in the 1980s under Margaret Thatcher. We are 45 years behind the UK and having a conversation that has been proven to be unnecessary to have. It was because of her tough stance in response to the miners that Thatcher acquired the nickname 'The Iron Lady'. Prime Minister Denkov has the chance to become our Iron Lady. The same with local elections. There is a large group of the status quo that is trying to keep their positions in local government and I think they will succeed," he added.

"People are very misled. The fact that we are in an election campaign plays a key role. I think if this thing was at a different time it would have very different dimensions. We need hard politics," says Justine Toms.

"Academician Denkov said himself that he realized that communication-wise they were not coping. This is a problem from which experienced populists have managed to make a very complex mix of the different levels in this problem to bring total confusion and make it impossible for the mass public to understand what is going on. This problem has very clear-cut levels which, if there had been communication, would have become clear. Long after the conflict developed, fellow journalists came out and started saying that this is a problem that has been known about since 2006. The miners should be fully aware that they are being kept as serfs by residence and by type of work. This is shameful," Alamanov said.

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