Milen Lyubenov told Darik: There is increased interest and hybrid attacks on Bulgaria from Russia

In the "Who's talking?" programme on Darik radio, political analyst Milen Lyubenov expressed his concern about the unclear decision-making mechanisms and changes that are trying to occupy power. According to him, the government cannot expect many ongoing changes, which leads to a complex situation in politics.

Милен Любенов пред Дарик: Има засилен интерес и хибридни атаки към България от Русия

"The political influence in the prosecutor's office is just one of many important developments in the country's politics," he opined. Milen Lyubenov also touched on the dynamics in geopolitics, mentioning the war in Ukraine and the conflict with Russia's sanctions. In this context, Bulgaria is becoming an object of increased interest and hybrid attacks by Russia, despite the lack of hard evidence of such actions.

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Another factor that Milen Lyubenov pointed out is the over-concentration of power and the lack of parliamentary control. He shared his concerns about the political crisis that is deepening and said that there is no long-term solution on the horizon. "The processes of regrouping the different layers of politics are difficult to track and not public," he said.

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In the context of all these challenges, there have been attempts to create new political parties and speculation about changing the form of government. But the political scientist stressed that the political terrain in Bulgaria is unstable and dynamic, and political parties have a low level of public trust.

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In conclusion, Milen Lyubenov and the host Georgi Donkov analyzed the political situation in Bulgaria, paying attention to the political influence in the prosecutor's office and the complex situation in geopolitics for the creation of new political parties. These factors make up a significant part of the political dynamics and challenges Bulgaria is facing at the moment.

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