Alexander Levy on Darik: There is a channel of communication between Washington and Moscow, between the CIA and Russian foreign intelligence

The war is beginning to smell of a "Soviet Union." North Korea needs grain, so it will supply Russia with weapons, he said

"There's a channel of communication between Washington and Moscow, between the CIA and Russian foreign intelligence, when American dignitaries visit Kiev, they don't get bombed." This is what Alexander Levy, author of the SVODKA Telegram channel and editor at the Courier Internationale, Paris, said on Darik Radio's "Who's Talking?"

The need for financial support for Ukraine

Alexander Levy stressed the need for financial support for Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression. The SVODKA author noted, "Kiev needs funds. In a year and a half the Russian army has fortified itself on 3 lines of defense, and Ukraine is now the most mined country, surrounded by mines everywhere." 

The problems of defections 

Levy commented, "Many men are avoiding compulsory military service, this will sooner or later be a big problem for Ukraine. It's hard to judge the men who shirked patriotic duty - many of the men who decided not to fight for their country send financial aid to the state." He stressed the importance of moral support and solidarity in the war effort.

The problem of corruption in Ukraine

The author of SVODKA noted the importance of fighting corruption in the country and the motivation of soldiers, "Ukraine has a corruption problem, soon it will start to lack soldiers compared to Russia, which has enough people who volunteer to participate in the war. There is nothing worse than a soldier sent to the front by force. There's nothing better than motivated soldiers fighting for their country."

"Ukraine had a corruption problem, they needed this replacement, they needed a new approach. Oleksiy Reznikov was not a military man, he was replaced by Crimean Tatar Rustem Umerov, who could be described as 'incorruptible'. Russia deported him and his family from the USSR to Uzbekistan. He is a man who has shown his talents as a diplomat and financier," he added.

Relations between the Kremlin and Pyongyang

Levy viewed the dynamic between Russia and North Korea as an important factor in world politics: "The war is beginning to smack of a 'Soviet Union.' North Korea needs grain, so it will supply Russia with weapons." 

The fallen shell on the banks of the Danube

SVODKA's author comments, "Ukraine tends to overexpose these types of incidents, while Balkan countries minimize such problems." He shares his opinion on the importance of properly assessing incidents and responding to them.

Radev's position on the war

He analyzed the position of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev in the context of global events. "Radev is looking for an electorate in Bulgaria, leaning on parties like 'Renaissance', he definitely has his own political accounts," concluded the editor at the Courier International, Paris.

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