Artificial intelligence can kill a lot of people, but a human will push its button

"If we humans don't rise to some higher moral plane, we risk killing each other," Dimitrov said.

Премиерът на Дания изнесе реч с помощта на изкуствен интелект

Matt Clifford, who helped the prime minister set up a government task force on artificial intelligence, said on TalkTV that policymakers should be prepared for threats ranging from cyberattacks to the creation of biological weapons if humanity doesn't find a way to control technology.

Китай налага по-строги правила за изкуствения интелект

Will artificial intelligence destroy us? Dobroslav Dimitrov, Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies, commented on the topic in the "Who Speaks" programme on Darik Radio.

"Many things can destroy us, but not necessarily. These threats, formulated in this way, leave out a key part of the equation, namely the natural intelligence - humans. To say that artificial intelligence has the potential to kill a lot of people is the same as saying that nuclear weapons have the potential to kill a lot of people Yes, they do, but one pushes the button," the expert said.

Дрон, управляван от AI, “уби“ оператора си в симулиран тест

"If we humans don't rise to some higher moral plane, we risk killing each other. That's the worry we should have. The potential of this tool to stir society is enormous, but it will be done under the rule of the people. Can it acquire its own self-consciousness that can displace us... that is a very big case," Dimitrov said.

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