"What Does It Mean That Services Belong to Us?" Radostin Vassilev Releases Recording from the National Council of PP

Radostin Vassilev presented the recordings that were mentioned on Thursday evening in relation to Kiril Petkov's statements. Vassilev announced that they are from the National Council of PP, which took place online from 10 p.m. on May 21st, and denied that they were made in the groups or central offices.

Четирима са убитите в Южна Африка, вероятно всички са българи

Initially, Vassilev dismissed the claims of recordings as "complete lies" and stated, "No one has made such recordings, neither in the group nor in the central office. Yesterday, Mr. Petkov was very frightened, I don't know why - apparently, he is concerned about some other recordings, but I don't have access to them; they fall under the realm of yellow journalism."

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However, a few minutes later, Vassilev did admit that there is a recording. "On May 21st, I received an email that there would be a meeting of 'We Continue the Change' at 10 p.m. This meeting was supposed to be extremely important and it was held online. I recorded this event. There were 50 people at the National Council. I have a recording of the National Council of PP on my tablet," explained the deputy.

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In the recording, Petkov and Vassilev can be heard discussing the expectation that Boyko Borissov's immunity will soon be requested. They also mention that Hristo Ivanov proposed a way to respond to such a scenario - to establish an immunity commission "according to European standards," which would work for at least six months until judicial reform is voted on.

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