Reuters poll: Darik radio enjoys high trust among Bulgarian audience

Darik Radio enjoys a high degree of trust and a low degree of distrust among the audience in Bulgaria. This is according to the data from the annual survey of the YouGov Institute, Reuters agency and Oxford University on the media market, sources of news content and audience attitudes towards news content in the media in 46 countries.

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The data is representative of nearly half of the world's population, and the study focuses on pure news and information content and the media that provide it. The survey was conducted in January and February this year. The data is still being analyzed, but Reuters has come out with preliminary results and analysis.

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Among traditional media, Darik's presence as a rating is in the middle of the ranking, which includes both TV and newspapers. Only two radio stations - BNR and Darik - enter there, with 13 percent and 10 percent of respondents, respectively, indicating that they prefer to be informed by them on a weekly basis. Of all the media mentioned in the survey, Darik scored third in trust - 53 percent, against 20 percent in distrust, the second lowest score.

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Trust in news content in Bulgaria remains low overall, the survey analysts said. On this indicator Bulgaria ranks 41st out of the 46 countries surveyed, with TV and the two national radio brands - the state-owned and Darik Radio - standing out as the most trusted.

The two radio brands on the Internet have almost pronounced positions. They are neighbours in the rankings on this indicator, with a difference of within one percent in the number of those who indicated that they follow their news content in the digital environment, the survey data also shows.

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