Why is "Lev Ins" suing "Mediapool" for 1 million levs?

"This claim of 1 million levs, for which the insurance company claims that it assesses the possible damage from this publication if it goes to court and if a court decides to confirm, means that Mediapool will disappear. This amount exceeds the revenues of the publication.

This was stated by the editor in chief of Mediapool, Stoyana Georgieva, in the show "Who's Talking?" on Darik Radio.

It is worth reminding that on Wednesday it became clear the insurance company "Lev Ins" has filed a claim in Sofia City Court against Mediapool for 1 million BGN, with the motive that it felt affected by an information material from September 27, 2022, which practically quotes and retells the transcript of a Council of Ministers meeting.

Одобриха премахването на Паметника на Съветската армия

She described the amount as shocking and unprecedented. The journalist expressed the opinion that the purpose of the whole exercise is to stress and intimidate not only one media, but all other media, including major television channels.

"In my opinion, all limits of any decency have already been exceeded here. The goal is not to crush a journalist or a media. We are talking here about crushing journalism as a whole. If corporate power behaves in such a way that any mention of a problem that is not pleasant or desirable for a particular company hits it and in this way delivers a blow to silence journalists, then a public debate in this country would be deemed impossible," theeditor of Mediapool said.

On Wednesday, lawyer Alexander Kashamov commented that this is another SLAPP case in Bulgaria, and with a very serious "chilling effect." Currently, another recent case against Mediapool filed by Judge Svetlin Mihaylov is registered in the official platform of the Council of Europe for SLAPP cases.

Дезертьорка от Северна Корея: Там е забранена думата “глад”, а аз търсих хлебарки, защото няма храна


The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, commented on Canada's decision to train Ukrainian soldiers after the Russian annexation of Crimea. Before the Canadian parliament, Von der Leyen declared that support for Ukraine would continue for as long as necessary so that the country can be the master of its own future.On her first visit to Canada as President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen thanked Ottawa for its cooperation with the European Union in supporting Ukraine. Von der Leyen stated that Ukraine and the values it strives for must prevail in the war. She stressed that Russian aggression cannot be accepted.

Диктаторът е по-силен от глада: Изправено ли е населението на Северна Корея пред гладна смърт?

"And this turned out to be vital in the hours following the full-scale Russian invasion last year. Putin believed he would reach Kyiv in three days. What a huge strategic mistake. Ukraine's resistance shook the world. But it is also due to the professionalism of the Ukrainian soldiers, many of whom were trained by Canada. I cannot overstate this - Canada saved Ukraine.

In other news:

Over 200 people have been arrested in Turkey for unreliable construction that led to thousands of deaths.A month later, railway workers have not repaired the clock to remind people of the earthquake, they told Daily Sabah reporters. The clock at the 5th Regional Directorate of TCDD at Malatya station stopped at the moment of the first powerful earthquake on February 6. Those who saw the clock stopped at 4:17 am relived strong emotional moments.

Murat Döşle, an on-duty worker at Malatya railway station, said they experienced "Judgment Day" on the morning of February 6 and stated: "The clock stopped exactly at 4:17 am on that day with the shaking of the earth. We did not restart it so as not to forget the earthquake. From now on, this clock will always show 4:17 am."

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