The NRA raised seizures for nearly BGN 50 million from Bozhkov's companies

The revenue agency has not identified any debts of the gambling businessman

The National Revenue Agency has lifted its seizures for a total of 49,634,300 leva imposed on companies of accused gambling businessman Vasil Bozhkov. This becomes clear from the decree on the cancellation of the imposed seizure measures, published in the Commercial Register, quoted by "Sega".

The seizures of the capital of a total of 30 companies of Bozhkov have been lifted. The most serious lien was on the company Agro Capital 2009 Ltd, which has a capital of 56,000,000 BGN, of which 44,800,400 BGN were seized. Until 2009 the company was 80% owned directly by Vasil Bozhkov, after which he retained control through the joint stock company Infra Holding. The other more significant attachment was on Vabo 2017 Ltd, where BGN 2 680 000 were secured.

The revocation of the seizures took place in early August on the basis of an audit proceeding of Vasil Bozhkov, which was concluded with an NRA act that established no liabilities to the treasury. However, the capital of most of the companies in question of the gambling businessman remain seized by the anti-corruption commission KPKONPI because of a criminal case against him.

On his Facebook account, Bozhkov posted a decree of a prosecutor from the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office, granting him immediate protection. His wife, Elena Dineva, and his son, Anton Bozhkov, also received such an order through the Bureau for the Protection of Endangered Persons at the Ministry of Justice. "I testified twice for four hours each and then they made me a protected witness. The head of the mafia is Boyko Borisov. My life and the lives of my relatives are in great danger right now," said Bozhkov, who has 18 charges against him in three cases.

The prosecutor's office said Vasil Bozhkov was not, nor is he currently, a "protected witness".

The gambling businessman, sanctioned by the US for corruption under the Magnitsky Act, has declared to participate in politics with his party. He is adamant that he has returned voluntarily, and has been making requests to do so since the first moment of his exile in Dubai.

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