Are paedophile groups on Telegram untouchable for the services

No one has ever been arrested or even suspected. That's why the men in these groups are brave enough to break all the laws and rules

Thousands of online users share intimate and pornographic pictures of schoolgirls and young women. Their phone numbers, place of work or school. Channels that even provide access to paedophile content. With impunity, covertly and only for users meeting special requirements, mainly men. Euronews Bulgaria informs about whether there is a way for these girls to find help, get protection or report what is happening.

In just one day, their team discovered and entered 13 pornography groups where intimate images of underage girls from different cities are exchanged. The media outlet sought comment from the Cyber Crime Branch of the DGPCC, but they were unable to provide an interlocutor. Therefore, they have formally filed an alert for their investigation.

Shooting is prohibited in the DGBOP, but in an informal conversation, officials explained that they were the first to report information about these groups. But Telegram is a dead end for services around the world. They do not cooperate with law enforcement, and no trace of the deleted information remains. This is confirmed by lawyer Tezgül Lütfieva. Some time ago, she fought for the rights of a young girl whose photos were stolen and distributed in these very groups.

No one has ever been arrested or even suspected. That is why the men in these groups are bold to break all laws and rules. The "Rape and Cub" group proves this. In which only proven pedophiles and rapists who have filmed a crime committed by them have access.

And to make it easier to illegally access pictures of girls and children, some of the users in the Telegram groups also offer logins to the profiles of "any social networks" for a modest fee.

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