The country's chance is to change the political generation

"There is no need for optimism, just faith that this is the only useful move for the democratically minded people." This is how Alexander Dunchev from  "Continuing the Change", answered the question in "Who's Talking" whether he is optimistic about the upcoming elections."Coalitions with parties from the status quo cannot be formed. We also saw in the 48th National Assembly that the old parties have no desire for any change", he added. 

Кметове и бивши премиери бойкотираха заседанието на временната комисия за Панаира, Гергов също отсъстваше

"The philosophical choice for an ideology is a question that is decided when the state is already on its feet," said the guest in response to a question about the different ideological foundations of the two political formations. "At the moment we are not in a situation to fight for ideas. We are at war, and the state has been taken over by corrupt politicians", added Dunchev.

He said that: “The president and the mafia have united. Therefore, Bulgaria's only chance is the unification of all democratically minded people". According to him, this is not a union of an ideology, but of philosophy to free the state from the mafia. "The root of all the problems is in the work of the Parliament. People think there is some benefit to our presence there. No, the only benefit is to minimize the damage that the united mafia inflicts on the state", explained the guest. According to him, there are currently 25% of the democratic forces in the parliament against 75% of the mafia, which makes it impossible to carry out a productive reform.

Законът за разследване на главния прокурор няма да бъде приет в настоящото НС

According to Dunchev, those whom the National Assembly is helping with the lobbying amendments for forests at the moment will get paid even before the elections for a new re-election. He indicated as such the project introduced by "Bulgarian Rise" for the ski slopes and connected it with the name of Kovacki. "Legitimizing such projects is an additional resource with which to buy or control votes later," he said.

"What DB and PP have done are small steps forward in health care and social work, but a real reform that can completely change the state is related to rules where personnel are selected not by political sanction, but by absolutely transparent competition" According to him, there is currently no desire for such a change in the mass of deputies, which means that the new elections are a chance for real change.

Експерт по Дарик: България винаги остава в задния двор на ЕС, не може да ни се има доверие

The Chairman of the Health Commission: The user fee for patients should be increased

We support the idea of ​​increasing the user fee paid by patients to private doctors, but it should happen smoothly over time," Anton Tonev, chairman of the parliamentary committee on health care, told journalists. "I think that the sharp increase - from BGN 2.90 to a jump оf several times - is not fair to consumers," he added. According to him, a path must be drawn for a gradual increase in the amount of the fee during certain periods of time, so that there is no sudden burden on the users of medical services. 

"Objectively speaking, the user fee lags behind, as its level has been frozen since 2013, and the additional payment in hospitals is about 40 percent," he pointed out. According to him, in order for there to be a change in the level of the user fee, legal changes are needed, as well as its definition in the National Framework Agreement.

На първо четене: Националното следствие отново става независим орган

When asked when the state will start paying the full amount of the health insurance contribution for the groups of people it provides, professor Tonev said that the answer to this question begins with the Minister of Finance. "It's something that has to happen, but we often face the reality, and it always appears in certain numbers and we always try to make them better, " he added. Last year, for many of the expenses, we succeeded," said Tonev.

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