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16 miliard levs will be invested in the Bulgarian economy in the next six years

The country continues a correct course, aligned with the European Union's processes and obligations

This is the estimated financial grant that Bulgaria could receive, according to Atanas Pekanov, the minister in charge of the European Programs Funds. Seven new revenue investment programs have been approved. Pekanov and his colleagues shared details about their progress and the work done so far.

Над 16 млрд. лв. ще се влеят в българската икономика през следващите шест години

Even though the country has been shook by the inconsistency of the parliament he assured that Bulgaria still complies with the european development strategies.

Pekanov announced: "During the last two months, seven of our European beneficiary programs have been approved. The sum total from these funding programs is estimated at 14 miliard levs which is about 7 milliard euros. Even though there are europolitical skeptics here in Bulgaria, this resource will help sustain the country's well being especially small and medium sized businesses and companies"

A great deal of those European grants will be invested in the citizens' potential and growth opportunities. There will be transparent monitoring from the European commission's governing body in order for mismanagement of capital to be avoided.

Пеканов: Трябва до бъдем архитекти на общите европейски икономически политики

Minister Alexander Pulev stated that such a financial development strategy is a breath of fresh air for the Bulgarian Economy. Nearly 450 million levs have been set specifically for the green energy development programs in the country. Other infrastructural aspects that will be included in the EU's development program are: road landslides and emergencies, education, social services and urban transportation.

The Ministry of Energy is not going to proceed with its proposition for double tariff electrical billing

The ministers have estimated that due to the guaranteed purchases of natural gas for the whole country, there won't be any need for electricity double tariff billing. "Bulgaria is the third net exporter of electricity in Europe and we are not going to let our consumers struggle and pay unreasonably high electric bills.", states the temporary energy minister Rosen Hristov.

МЕ няма да внася предложение за двойна тарифа на тока за битовите потребители

The government is doing all that can be done to even decrease natural gas prices. If they succeed,there won't be any significant increase during the winter period. If the ministers fail to achieve that goal, the consumers will be compensated. There are more than a few anti - crisis measures that the Ministry of Energy is working on simultaneously.

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