"Bullying we will not tolerate." Prosecutor's probe and questioning of a couple for advertising Sofia Pride

Meanwhile, threats against Pride participants and the defamation of the ads with insults are still without investigation

Same-sex couples are being interrogated, as well as Sofia Pride organizers, bTV reported. The reason for this is a report to the state prosecution that advertisements with pictures of same-sex couples and their children inculcated "sexism and the same-sex family as a supreme value".

"Our family invites yours to Sofia Pride" - this was the motto of the last Sofia Pride in June. The Pride also included Galina and Elena, who are a couple, and on the poster are together with their two children. It was because of the poster that the ladies were called in for questioning at the SVDIA. 

"They asked us mainly if our children were at risk," Elena Genova explained.

"We had to give explanations why we did it. We always take into account their desire or lack of desire," Galina Georgieva said.

Some of the Pride organizers have also given explanations. They say some of the campaign billboards have since been vandalised.

Sofia Pride organizers are outraged that "instead of investigating who threw black paint, scrawled insults and threats and tore up some of the advertisements, the Sofia District Prosecutor's Office has launched an investigation into whether the campaign threatens the established rule of law in the country, whether it incites sexism and whether it presents the same-sex family as a superior value?!?".

It has become clear that the signal that led to the prosecutor's probe came from the BSP Initiative Committee, which wants a referendum on what they call "gender ideology."

"On this occasion, representatives of the GLAS Foundation and the BHC were summoned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to provide explanations and "to indicate the exact number of gay couples who participated in the campaign and the exact number of families of a man and a woman who were legally married according to the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as families who are not gay couples."

This is not an April Fool's joke, but a text from the prosecutor's investigation that was launched on the signal of the Initiative Committee for convening a referendum against the "gender ideology", organized by BSP," Sofia Pride added.

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