The water element flooded campsites and settlements. Tsarevo municipality is blocked

The Prime Minister arrives in Burgas because of the crisis in Tsarevo. The municipality is blocked, roads to settlements are closed and by landslides

Tsarevo municipality remains completely isolated due to the torrential rains, which continue at the moment. The main road Primorsko - Tsarevo is closed. The village of Brodilovo is blocked by a landslide after a rock broke off and fell.
The camping site "Arapya" remained under water. The sea dragged caravans and boats. Dozens of cars are completely submerged. A break in the bridge to Pontona beach restricted traffic in the municipal centre. The overflow of the rivers blocked the settlements of Kosty, Sinemorets, Ahtopol, Fazanovo, Varvara.

After an emergency meeting of the crisis headquarters in the municipality, it was decided to stop the movement of vehicles from the police checkpoint Karaagach in the direction of Tsarevo municipality. The traffic on the road with. Sinemorets - town. In the town of Tsarevo and in the settlements. Exceptions will apply only to specialized vehicles. Evacuation is underway at Arapya campsite, s. Lozenets and Nestinarka resort. 

Due to floods and intense rainfall in Tsarevo Municipality a state of disaster has been declared by order of Mayor Georgi Lapchev. This was announced by the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior in Burgas. Currently, several teams of the fire services in Burgas, Tsarevo and Primorsko are working on the territory of the municipality.

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