With entering the eurozone, we will have greater price transparency

Atanas Pekanov stated that the communication campaign in support of the euro should be more active in order to explain the benefits to citizens and debunk the myths and fears surrounding its adoption. "At present, we cannot talk about a ceiling on the prices of goods " said Deputy Prime Minister Atanas Pekanov, as reported by BGNES. He pointed out that although we still live in a market economy, "the market does not give us reason to trust it."

Пеканов: С влизането в еврозоната ще имаме по-голяма прозрачност на цените

"We have not started to take drastic and aggressive measures. Our first steps are soft - we meet with employer organizations and commercial chains. The latter will have to take action because it is not normal for milk to cost 1 euro in most EU countries, while in our country it costs 3.60 lv.," said the Deputy Prime Minister, adding: This is another argument in favor of accepting the euro. With entry into the eurozone, we will have greater price transparency.

He hopes for a partnership with large commercial chains, but we will see this in the coming weeks. Commenting on the state's ability to intervene if this partnership does not happen, Pekanov said, "We will strengthen the actions of the regulators, as part of the state's powers are with them. The state has tools, including energy assistance, where we were very generous."

Как шефката на „Топлофикация-Перник“ даде 6.5 милиона заем на тъста на Ковачки за вила във Франция (документи и снимки)

According to him, differentiated VAT did not lead to a reduction in prices. This measure is in question, he said. Pekanov emphasized that in Bulgaria, high inflation is driven by food and fuel prices."People are worried about what is happening in the stores. And see prices that cannot be explained.

Commenting on the acceptance of the single European currency, the Deputy Prime Minister said, "With entry into the eurozone, we will save a large part of the costs due to currency exchange. We will have a higher credit rating, we will save 300 million euros, which we can spend as we see fit. The euro is an additional factor for investment. We want to enter the eurozone to increase our income faster. Which country that entered the eurozone had a reduced income? The best example is the Baltic states, where incomes continue to rise." Pekanov said that the communication campaign in support of the euro should be more active to explain the benefits to citizens and refute myths.

Лена Бориславова съди сценаристите на Слави Трифонов за обида

In other news:

A large-scale operation by the Ministry of Interior and the Prosecutor's Office is taking place across the country. The main goal is to target car thieves and prevent criminal activities. This was confirmed by the spokesperson for the Chief Prosecutor, Siika Mileva, in an interview for Darik Radio. The operation is codenamed "Avtodzhambazi" and involves searches at addresses in five cities, including Pernik, Kyustendil, Dupnitsa, Sofia, and Varna. Car dealerships, garages, junkyards, warehouses, and addresses known to be involved in car theft are being searched.

The specialized operation is currently ongoing.

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