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50 percent of all female cancer diagnosis are directly connected with the smoking habits

In Bulgaria alone, lung cancer is number one diagnosis in the 45-59 age range demographic.11 percent of the male and 55 percent of the female populations lung cancer diagnosis are directly connected with excessive smoking. This is what the European Commission of medical oncology has carried out as research results at the University Hospital Queen Joanna - ISUL.

Doctor Kutov clarified that men between the ages of 45 and 59 have been most commonly diagnosed with lung cancer. The numbers have been shocking in terms of their growth compared to three other previous researches in the field.Preventions are the best protection stated by doctor Kutov. He addressed the radio listeners to stop smoking and seek help personally and not wait on government campaigns on smoking restrictions.

50 на сто от всички видове рак на белия дроб в Европа при жените не са свързани с цигарите

Gasoline prices are going down

After the shockingly raised fuel prices a few months ago, there has been a common decrease of gasoline and diesel prices. Gasoline dropped from 3.35 levs per liter to 2.95 levs and the diesel price from 3.58 to 3.35 levs per liter.The national fuel compensations plan that gave an additional 25 bulgarian stotinka cents has also been deemed helpful for many drivers in the country. It is yet expected for the fuel prices to drop with 1 lev.

GERB politician Dian Dobrev announced that his party will propose a fuel compensation law. The law proposition will charge every refinery that works with Russian imported fuel and oil. The money from that taxation is planned to go to the Fund for enery and stability. According to Dobrevs's colleague 100 million levs are expected to be gathered and reinserted in the economy as household consumer compensations. Meanwhile the KEVR commission has announced that natural gas prices will drop by an additional 47 percent.

ПП с мерки за по-евтини цени на горивата

Twitter is going to charge its user for acquiring the verification badge

After Elon Musk acquired twitter there have been many changes in the company. Verified profiles will now have to pay 7 dollars and 99 cents per month in order to have a verification blue badge on their profiles.

Разочароващи резултати: Meta планира да започне мащабни съкращения

The measure has been taken in order to avoid future fake account flooding of  the social network. When the blue badge icon was free for important world figures, celebrities and organizations. It helps the users to check the validity of the source profile that they follow.

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